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EU citizens have the right to work in Spain, but it is not always easy finding employment and your chances are certainly improved if you have a working knowledge of Spanish.

Following are some of the most popular job categories for foreigners working here, together with details of any experience/training required:

- Estate agency is now a very competitive market and gone are the easy sales of a decade ago, so employers prefer someone with some sales and marketing experience
- Telemarketing requires applicants with good verbal communications skills
- Accountancy requires the same qualifications as in the UK
- Care workers need experience in this field
- Teachers must have a recognised qualification. English teachers can be employed with a TEFL accreditation
- Any IT opportunities will ask for candidates who have completed the necessary training and have some practical experience in using the required software
- Car hire is big business here and requires candidates with an administrative background who can deal with members of the public
- Bar and restaurant work often prefers some experience, but the main prerequisites are that you present yourself in a clean and tidy way and have a polite and courteous manner

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