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Which school you choose for your children is a very important decision. The school fees and location need to be considered carefully. Associations like the NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain), which was founded in 1978 and represents numerous excellent schools, can help you to pick the right one.

Most international schools are located in areas with a high number of citizens from different countries, such as the following:
The Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca are well known for their many excellent international schools. More schools can be found in the cities and areas around Granada (Costa Tropical), Murcia (Costa Calida), Tarragona (Costa Dorada) and Barcelona (Costa Brava). Most of the language schools for students are on the Costa de la Luz and on the Costa Almeria. Many other international schools are also located in the rest of Spain.

Half term breaks are relatively short, and summer holidays long starting at the end of June and finishing in the middle of September because of the hot summer months. Christmas and Easter are both approximately two weeks long. There are several public holidays which are mostly on a Monday or Friday to make a long weekend. Most schools provide a pick up bus service for students who live far away.

Parents and students can visit the schools, read brochures and collect information from the internet before deciding which is the best one for them.

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