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The state-run railway, RENFE, provide a good service with fares that are among the cheapest in Europe. Democracy has made trains run on time but RENFE still has a way to go, mainly due to the fact that the train system is a complex one. There are many varieties of train including the ferrobus which stop at almost every station. For long journeys, the TALGO is fast, comfortable and efficient. TALGO and Inter-city trains have buffet and bar services on board and tickets can be purchased from in advance from main line stations, ticket agents and authorized travel agents.

In some of the major cities, an underground Metro system operates with great success and avoids the traffic congestion above ground. At peak times they can become overcrowded and uncomfortable. There is no smoking allowed on board.

There are many bus companies offering an excellent service throughout Spain. Generally public buses are of a high standard, well maintained and cheap. Smoking is not allowed on any public transport in Spain. Most towns have a bus terminal estacion de autobus. Many of the city buses only accept the correct change, and bear in mind that on Sundays and public holidays the schedules are drastically reduced.

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