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Even though there are a multitude of private health insurance companies in Spain, it is not essential to buy any as the public health service is of a very high standard. However, if you are coming over to Spain with a company, it is very likely that you would be given private health insurance regardless, granting you access to some of the best clinics and hospitals in Europe.

Thanks to arrangements made with the EU, all residents of European Union countries are entitled to free medical service when visiting Spain, the only document required to prove you are eligible is an E111 form which can be obtained from any post office. As well as this, those receiving benefits in their home country and pensioners can obtain an E121 form which will entitle them to free prescriptions whilst in Spain.

Contrary to common belief, Spanish doctors, hospitals and general health services are as advanced and qualified as any other in the EU, in some cases more so, and should guarantee your complete peace of mind when making use of them. There is an endless availability of doctors which you can visit simply by booking an appointment in addition to the countless "Centro de Salud", healthcare centres, where you will find a number of doctors. As well as this, the hospitals provide a fantastic and rapid service, where nothing has to be paid, except for any prescriptions, which if you are a pensioner, are also free. Again, all which is necessary is your E111 or E121 forms to prove your eligibility and sometimes proof of ID.

Unlike usual treatments, dentist treatments must be paid for unless you have private health insurance. This however is relatively inexpensive and easy to use, where no forms are needed, just an appointment.

You may find that Spanish pharmacies will sell various medicines over the counter which you normally wouldn't have been able to buy at home, and even though some may need a prescription, you will find the prescriptions tend to be cheaper in Spain anyway.

Whether you have to visit the hospital in one of Spain's most cosmopolitan capitals or one of its picturesque villages, you can rest assured there will be members of staff that can speak English so as to help you, making your stay that little bit more comforting.

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